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Popular Fixups – Favorites

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Availability: All Workflow Plus versions; Workflow Prepress; Workflow Print with Automation Toolbox

Fixups that are needed on a daily basis should be quickly accessible to the user. In this article we'll learn:

  • How to set a Fixup as a favorite
  • How to access favorites
  • How to limit search criteria for Fixups to favorites.

Setting Fixups as favorites can save time in your daily work routine.

1. General

The Print Data tab of an Article, Production Job or Order displays, detailed information relevant to the print item. Detailed information is grouped according to subject areas and displayed according to the subject. The footer of an area contains Fixups that match the topic/theme. All Fixups defined here are predefined. It is not possible to simultaneously apply multiple Fixups using the footer icons.

In the Data Preparation tab, however, users have access to all Fixups contained in the Workflow, as well as any Custom Fixups uploaded by system administrators. In practice, users may need to access Fixups that are not available in the Print Data tab. And this is why the Favorites concept was developed and implemented in the Workflow. Users can mark Fixups in the Data Preparation tab as favorites and access them in the Favorites drop-down menu in the Print Data tab.

Favorites are set system-wide

Note that favorites are set system-wide. The setting and searching of favorites is therefore not user-dependent. So first clarify with your team which Fixups are useful enough to set as favorites and which you will continue to search for manually in the Data Preparation tab, because a list of 50 favorites probably creates more confusion version simply searching for them in the Data Preparation tab.

2. Setting Fixups as Favorites

To mark a Fixup as a favorite, proceed as follows.

  1. Switch to the Article, Order or Production Job menu item.
  2. Double-click on an entry in the list, where the Print Item will be visible in the Print Data tab.
  3. Switch to the Data Preparation tab [1].

Figure 1: The Data Preparation tab, listing Fixups available in the Workflow, plus user-defined Custom Fixups.

PMS WebGui :: Data Preparation
  1. Find the Fixup you want to mark as a favorite. In our case it is the Fixup Add Outline to Text [2].
  2. To mark this Fixup as a favorite, click on the star icon [3]. You can recognize Fixups that are marked favorites by the colored star symbol [3].

Removing Fixups from the Favorites list

If you want to remove a Fixup from the Favorites list, all you have to do is click the star icon again. Please note that adding or removing does not immediately make the change active. You will have to reload the browser so that the Favorites list is updated correctly.

3. Accessing Fixup Favorites and applying them

Accessing Favorites is easy and can be found in different places within the Workflow.

In the Print Data tab, in the footer of the Document Information and User-defined Fields area, a drop-down menu using the star icon [5] is available. By clicking on this icon, all favorites are displayed alphabetically in the drop-down menu.

Figure 2: The Print Data tab with the Favorites list open.

PMS WebGui :: Print Data

3.2. Using the Search function

Wherever you can access favorites in the Workflow, you also have the option of only displaying favorites. In the following figure, the option Show Favorites only [6] is activated, which means that only those Fixups/Custom Fixups are displayed, which have been marked as a favorite.

Figure 3: The Data Preparation tab with the Show Favorites only option enabled.

PMS WebGui :: Data Preparation

4. Using Favorites when searching for Fixups

As previously shown in Figure 3, the option Show Favorites only [6] is available in the Data Preparation tab. However, this option is also available in other dialogs. the favorites option is available In the following dialogs.

4.1. Applying Fixups to Articles/Print Items

If you select one or more Articles/Print Items in the Article > Article list, or Order > Print Items list, you can apply a Fixup to the item by selecting Action > Apply Fixup in the action bar. In the Apply Fixup to selected Article(s) dialog, the option Show Favorites only is also available.

Figure 4: The Apply Fixup to selected Article(s) dialog with the Show Favorites only option enabled.

PMS WebGui :: Articles

4.2. Fixup Chains

If you edit a new or existing Fixup Chain in Administration > Fixup Chains, you can also display only the favorites in the Fixups section by selecting the Show Favorites only option.

Figure 5: The Configure Fixup Chain dialog with the Show Favorites only option enabled.

PMS WebGui :: Fixup Chains