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Availability: All Workflow Plus versions, Workflow Prepress, Workflow Print with Automation Toolbox as well as Workflow Print (partial).

Depending the application, print items may only need to be mirrored or both mirrored and rotated. Depending on your needs, the entire print item could be rotated in 90° steps for example or only the content of the item must be rotated, this requirement can be accommodated as well.

In this article we'll learn:

  • How to rotate and/or mirror Print Items
  • Which options are available in the Workflow for rotating or mirroring
  • How you can rotate just the content of a print item

1. General

The Fixups listed below are located under the Rotate and Mirror drop-down menu [1], which can be found in the footer of the Document Information and User-defined Fields area under the Print Data tab [2]. The same Fixups are also located under the Data Preparation tab [3].

The Fixups contained in this Fixup group allow the user to rotated and/or mirrored print items in 90° steps and print item content can also be rotated as desired. When rotating the print item, you can determine whether the size of the TrimBox should be adjusted accordingly or not. The same Fixups can be found by selecting the search terms Rotate and Mirror under the Data Preparation tab.

Figure 1: The Print Data tab showing the Rotate and Mirror Fixup group drop-down opened up.

PMS WebGui :: Article

2. Fixups contained in the Rotate and Mirror group

A description of the individual Fixups are written below:

2.1. Rotate and/or Mirror Page

The goal of this Fixup is to rotate: all pages, even pages or odd pages in 90° steps and/or to mirror: all pages, even pages or odd pages at the same time.  

Figure 2: The Rotate and/or Mirror Page Fixup dialog.

rotate and/or mirror page

Detailed information regarding the functionality of this Fixup and corresponding sample files can be found here.

2.2. Rotate Page Content

The aim of this Fixup is to rotate page content (print item) using an entered angle, clockwise or counterclockwise, and originating from the selected page geometry. If the rotation point needs to be offset, this can be done by entering an X or Y Offset as needed. You can also choose whether the Page Geometry Box is adjusted to fit the size of the rotated print item (otherwise it will be clipped using the existing box dimensions).

Figure 3: The Rotate Page Content Fixup dialog.

PMS WebGui :: Print Data

Detailed information regarding the functionality of this Fixup and corresponding sample files can be found here.