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Step & Repeat: multiple item variant

Production Job > Impose > Step & Repeat

Availability: Basic / Version 1.7

Step & Repeat Mode allows the user to repeat columns and rows of Print Items which all have the same dimension.

In this article, you will learn how to Impose Print Items of the same dimension using Step & Repeat Mode in the Impose Editor.

1. Create the Imposition

In the Workflow, you have the option of creating a Step & Repeat imposition with multiple print items. To accomplish this you have to select and open a Production Job [1] and then switch to the Impose [2] tab. If no Impose data is available you can choose between three different modes. In this case we will use Step & Repeat mode [3].

Figure 1: The Impose tab in a Production Job without an existing imposition scheme

2. Impose Editor

Figure 2: The opened Impose Editor with default settings after choosing Step & Repeat mode

Once the Impose Editor has opened, you have various settings and options at your disposal. If you need an overview, we have articles which explain both the functions and settings in more detail:

3. Step & Repeat with multiple Print Items of the same dimension

3.1. Selection of the print object

To create a Step & Repeat Imposition with several print items of the same size, you have different settings, some of which are decisive for optimising the imposition. With this Step & Repeat mode you have the possibility to mount several different print items of the same size. If you have a Production Job with several print items, you can select specific print items to be mounted individually under the Print Items tab [4]. Select the print items using the checkbox [5] at the top left corner of the thumbnail.

Figure 3: An overview of the Print Items tab

Selection of the print object

3.2. Impose settings

We can create a Step & Repeat imposition with several print items of the same size, by selecting specific options in the Artboard tab. In our example, we want to mount the print items in 6 columns and 3 rows [8] using Step & Repeat [7] under the Artboard Settings tab [6]. Furthermore, a Spacing [9] of 3 mm and a Margin [10] on the top, bottom, left and right of 2 mm should be entered.

Figure 4: An overview of the Artboard Settings Tab

Impose settings

3.3. Add Marks

In the Impose Editor you can add specific Marks to either: individual print items, all print items as a group or to the Artboard. In Step & Repeat mode you will find a Rectangle [13] applied to the grouped print items by default. You can add additional Marks for any cutter (i.e., Zünd Cutter, Sei Labelmaster, etc.) in the Marks tab [11] through the Add Mark drop-down menu [12]. In this example we only want the default Rectangle Mark, which should be added to the grouped print items [14].

Figure 5: An overview of the Marks tab in the Impose Editor

Add Marks

3.4. Saving the Imposition

To save the Imposition, click on Save [15] in the header bar.

Figure 6: An overview of the Impose Editor with the finished Step & Repeat Imposition

The Save Imposition dialog opens (see Fig. 7) [16]. We can confirm the following attributes: Artboard Size, print items names, the requested number of print items and the number of Imposed print items.

Figure 7: The Save Imposition dialog

Saving the Imposition Dialog