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3.1 Introduction

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Durst Analytics {Rest:API} description / v1.0 Rev 1 (Durst Analytics v1.6+) / 2020-11-18

1. History

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2020-11-18 Kleinlercher | Rev 1 Initial Documentation

2. Introduction

The Durst Analytics API provides an interface to Durst Analytics for fetching production data like Printer Status, Ink Consumption, Job Summary and Errors

The API is a REST (Representational State Transfer) service. As application layer protocols HTTP and HTTPS are used. REST unifies the interface between systems to a manageable and standardized set of actions regarding the expected behavior, which are explained in detail in this document.

Even with intensive testing and careful research, we cannot guarantee the full correctness of the documentation. Since the interface is constantly being expanded, the scope of the documentation will also change constantly. Please always note the publication date and revision number as well as the compatibility note of the used function.

3. Overview

3.1. Version Information

Version: 1.0

3.2. URI scheme

Parameter Value
BasePath /
Schemes HTTP
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