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Hotfolder - Jobticket Documentation

To integrate the Durst Workflow into your existing IT environment, you can use an XML-based interface. This article describes the available options.

Durst Workflow 1.8.2 Update: We've added the attribute to define an Impose Template and it's now possible to use more than one print item.

Specifications for the PMS Hotfolder XML Jobticket:

1. XML Jobticket Format (from 1.8.2)

	<ProductionJob name="Name of the Prodcution Job" comment="A comment" externalId="EXT123" leadIn="2" leadOut="3" shippingDate="2021-12-01" productionDate="2019-02-28">
		<ImposeTemplate internalName="NESTING_TEMPLATE_1"/>
		<Cutter internalName="FOTOBA_1">
				<CutterParameterSet internalName="FOTOBA_1_FOTOBA_DIGITRIM_SERIES_1"/>
		<PrintItem name="PrintItem 1" comment="This is the first Item" width="350.0" height="2020.0" unit="mm" pages="1" numberOfCopies="13" url="file:/path/to/pdf/sample_file1.pdf" windingType="OUTSIDE" orientation="TOP">
		<PrintItem name="Print Item 2" comment="This is the second Item" width="25.0" height="15.0" unit="inch" pages="1" numberOfCopies="4" url="file:/path/to/pdf/sample_file2.pdf" cutContourSpotColor="FORM">
			<Fixup automationKey="FLIP_PAGE"/>
			<Fixup automationKey="CONVERT_TO_GRAYSCALE"/>			
		<PrintItem name="Print Item 3" comment="This is the third Item" pages="3" numberOfCopies="1" url="file:/path/to/pdf/sample_file3.pdf">
			<ColorCorrection internalName="REDUCE_MIDTONES_13"/>
			<ColorCorrection internalName="HIGH_CONTRAST"/>		


2. XML Jobticket Format (before 1.8.2)


    <ProductionJob name="prod_job_name" comment="test comment" externalId="CERM_1" leadIn="2" leadOut="3" shippingDate="2019-03-01" productionDate="2019-02-28">

        <ColorCorrection internalName="INCREASE_MIDTONES_3"/>
        <Cutter internalName="SPARTANICS">
            <CutterParameterSet internalName="EXTRACT"/>

        <PrintItem name="print_item_name" comment="print item info" cutContourSpotColor="Die" width="11.8" height="15.75" unit="inch" pages="2"   numberOfCopies="5" url="file:/path/to/pdf/sample_file.pdf" windingType="INSIDE" orientation="TOP">
            <Fixup automationKey="FLIP_PAGE"/>
            <Fixup automationKey="CONVERT_TO_GRAYSCALE"/>




3. Description of the XML attributes

3.1. Production Job

name   STRING

comment   STRING

externalID   STRING

leadIn   INTEGER

leadOut   INTEGER

productionDate   DATE

ISO Format: yyyy-mm-dd, with optional Timestamp: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

shippingDate   DATE

ISO Format: yyyy-mm-dd

url   STRING

Paths must be written with this formating: file:/pathsegment_1/pathsegment_2/pathsegment_…/name_of-PDF.pdf

pages   INTEGER

numberOfCopies   INTEGER

width   NUMBER

Decimal places are determined using ».« (Point) separated

height   NUMBER

Decimal places are determined using ».« (Point) separated

unit   STRING

possible values are: mm |  inch | pt

cutContourSpotColor   STRING

Spot Colors must be defined in the Workflow as CutContours (Edit Spot Color Definition)

windingType   STRING

possible values are: OUTSIDE | INSIDE

orientation   STRING

possible values are: TOP | BOTTOM | LEFT | RIGHT

3.3. PDF Corrections

automationKey   STRING   

The names can be found under the Master Data (kfpx profiles) or from the tooltip of the selected Correction.

3.4. Color Corrections

ColorCorrection internalName   STRING

The names can be found under the Master Data: Table: Color Correction; Column: InternalName.

3.5. Cutting Devices

Cutter internalName [4]   STRING

Use the values set under Administration > Cutter Devices > Devices

Cutter Devices > Edit Cutter - 1.7.4

CutterParameterSet internalName [9]  STRING

Use the values set under Administration > Cutter Devices > Parameter Sets

Cutter Devices > Parameter Sets - 1.7.4

3.6. Impose Template

Impose Template   STRING

The names can be found under the Master Data: Table: Impose Template; Column: Internal Name.