Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Creating Files in the Workflow fails

We are checking in PDF Files from our Fileserver using http/https. But the files in the Workflow are corrupted or cannot be imported.

Sometimes a Fileserver or a Network-attached storage (NAS) is not configured correctly when serving PDF Files and are using a wrong HTTP Header like "Content-Type: text/html". This Content-Type has to be set to application/pdf. You can check out the Content-Type used with Web Development Tools that are included in most Browsers today. Open the full path in your Browser and check the HTTP Headers in the "Network" Tab.

Accessing Network Shares

We are using SMB with credentials. How can we access the files using the Durst Workflow Rest-API?

You can save the Network Share using the Administration > File Management Menu in Durst Workflow. There you can create, edit and manage Shares and Folders. The Rest-API is then using the saved credentials.

Login is not Working

We have created a dedicated External User to acces the API but the Login is not working.

Do not use #, & or ? for username and password, because these are needed characters in the url query string. Ampersand (&) is used as a seperator, the question mark (?) to pass the query string and the hash (#) to further specify a subsection.