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A monochrome raster image format. Each dot (pixel) is either filled (black, on, 1) or not filled (white, off, 0), there are no gray tones (halftones, grayscales).

The name Bitmap comes from the 1:1 mapping of each pixel to a dot/pixel on the screen.


Bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. Bleed marks belong to the larger category of Print Marks. They represent a special form of a cutting mark.


Blend Mode

Blend methods may be applied to entire objects or to their individual parts as well as entire object groups. Behind each blend method lies a defined blend function. The blending takes place between the foreground color (CS = source color) and the background color (Cb = background color). The result is the result color (Cr). The variables cr , cb and cs describe the corresponding values for the colors Cr , Cb and Cs additively.

For more information on Blend Methods, see the article Blend Methods.

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