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ICC stands for: International Color Consortium

An international group that has proposed open, cross-platform standards for the description and handling of device-independent color. The ICC specification has also been accepted as an ISO standard document. More information can be found under:


Standard format for Color Profiles.

See article Background Knowledge.


A measurement of the amount of light coming from a light source. Illuminance is measured in footcandles (or Lux).


Typically a block which contains information about the Order or Customer in a readable form (human or machine) and is printed on the print sheet or near the Print Item.

Inprints can be selected in the "Send to Printer" dialog.


Creating an Imposition involves placing single print items or a combination of print items on a substrate or sheet. The arragement of these items is then optimised to minimize waste as well as create sheets that are layedout in a way that streamlines the finishing process if necessary.

Impose Editor

See Link Impose Editor

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