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ICC stands for: International Color Consortium

An international group that has proposed open, cross-platform standards for the description and handling of device-independent color. The ICC specification has also been accepted as an ISO standard document. More information can be found under:


Standard format for Color Profiles.

See article Background Knowledge.


A measurement of the amount of light coming from a light source. Illuminance is measured in footcandles (or Lux).

Incremental Saving

When files are saved incrementally, this means that the changes that have been made in the document are appended to the end of the file structure.

Figure 1: Comparison of the file structure of a PDF file linear (left) and incremental (right)

The advantage of incremental saving is that the saving process can be mapped quickly. The disadvantage is that the document size increases continuously, which can very quickly lead to sizes of up to 10 GB in the case of very large PDF files.

Incremental Saving

In most programs in the graphics industry, the file is saved incrementally when selecting the Save menu command. In case you would like to save the current document in optimized form this is usually possible via the Save as... menu command.


Typically a block which contains information about the Order or Customer in a readable form (human or machine) and is printed on the print sheet or near the Print Item.

Inprints can be selected in the "Send to Printer" dialog.

Ink Consumption Report

Ink Cost Calculations: Some features and enhancements have been implemented in relation to ink cost calculation in the Workflow. These are:

  • Calculation for multiple Print Items – Ink cost calculations and ink cost reports can now be calculated and created for multiple print items or Articles. This function is available under Articles > ArticlesOrders > Print Items and within an Order by selecting multiple print items.
  • Manual calculation – Improvements have also been made to the manual ink cost calculation in the »Statistics« tab of a print item or Article.
  • Automatic calculation – At various points in the Workflow, an additional option has been implemented that allows ink cost calculations to be performed automatically.

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Creating an Imposition involves placing single print items or a combination of print items on a substrate or sheet. The arragement of these items is then optimised to minimize waste as well as create sheets that are layedout in a way that streamlines the finishing process if necessary.

Impose Editor

See Link Impose Editor

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