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Achromatic Color/Separation

The term achromatic composition is a term used in process engineering for the electronic reproduction of color sets.

Areas of an image that become black or gray anyway are not built up by the portions of the colored basic colors (CMY) (as generated by the color build-up), but by black printing ink.

Figure 1: Comparison of Chromatic build-up versus Achromatic build-up - original image

Figure 2: Comparison of Chromatic build-up versus Achromatic build-up structure - Achromatic build-up

Figure 3: Comparison of Chromatic build-up versus Achromatic build-up - Chromatic build-up

Additive Color

Additive color is a method to create color by mixing a number of different light colors, with shades of red, green, and blue being the most common primary colors used in the additive color system.


Adobe Systems is one of the world's largest software manufacturers and focuses on products for the media and creative industries.

Groundbreaking developments are Postscript and its "successor" PDF.

The current versions of the graphics and multimedia programs are summarised in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Acrobat


Adobe Creative Cloud

Bundle of creative / multimedia programs from Adobe Systems.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is considered the industry standard in vector graphics. In addition to a wide range of creative functions, Illustrator is especially impresses with its ability to open and edit PDF files. The following problems can occur when editing PDF files in Adobe Illustrator:

  • Layers in a PDF file are lost when opened in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Color constructs such as DeviceN, Grayscale, and Bitmap cannot be edited in Adobe Illustrator. Editing colors can only be mapped without fault if exclusively CMYK or RGB is used in conjunction with Spot Colors.
  • Embedded fonts in the print file cannot be used. The presence of the fonts on the local system is required for editing text.

Adobe InDesign

Layout creation

Adobe Photoshp

Picture processing

Alternate Color Space

Spot Colors have an alternate Color Space that is used for conversion to the target Color Space if the Spot Color cannot be directly separated in the output. The following Color Spaces can be stored as an alternate Color Space for spot colors:

  • CMYK - was stored as the default value in the early days of print production.
  • RGB - rarely used in practice
  • Lab - is used by default in practice nowadays, as this ensures that a conversion to any target color space will result in the smallest possible ∆E value.

Approval Dashboard

Approval Dashboard : This view lists all Approval Reports that have been downloaded locally or sent to the Release Portal. The status and other information concerning individual Approval Reports is displayed to make it easier to monitor them.



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