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Validation Print

A Validation Print is a color-accurate print according to ISO 12647-8. Compared to the Contract Proof according to ISO 12647-7, the Validation Print has higher color tolerances. Unlike the contract proof, the Validation Print is neither color binding nor legally binding. However, the Validation Print has smaller color tolerances than a PSD evaluation, which means that digital printing systems that meet this standard support a very high standard.

An example for checking and issuing a printing system is the Validation Print Creation certificate by Fogra. Companies that are certified by Fogra for Validation Print Creation are likely to carry the FograCert logo. By using the certification number, it is easy to check on the Fogra website whether the certification is correct and valid.

Variabla Data

Variabla Data : You can open the Variable Datapanel by selecting Window > Durst Workflow > Variable Data in Adobe Illustrator. This panel allows you to create variable content such as: Text, Barcodes, Images, and Shapes and add them to print files. The Variable Datapanel is divided into three sections.

VDP Editor

  • VDP Editor(still under development)  for applying Variable Data elements  images, text, graphics, color areas, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

VDP Object Creation Tools

The tools available in the editor are grouped in the toolbar. Depending on the editor, the toolbar can be equipped with different numbers of tools. For more Informations see Link VDP Object Creation Tools

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