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1.1 Preparing a Production System


In this chapter we cover the following topics:

  • How to set up and configure the Workflow for production
  • How to configure administrative rights for the Workflow 
  • How to configure recurring routines for the Workflow

The Workflow must be correctly configured after installation to ensure smooth operation. The system administrator should prepare and configure the following steps below. It's important to note that all settings can be changed at any time as needed.

We recommend that you proceed in the following order.

1. Setting Up External Resources

External resources/systems to which the Workflow has to connect to must be configured in advance. Please prepare:

  1. File Management/Shares, check their availability and status
  2. Measurement Devices configure the measuring methods used
  3. Cutter Devices connection & integration of any/all cutting device(s) 

2. Printer Setup

In order for a printer to be set up and operated, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Ink(s) should be created and Ink prices used in the Workflow established
  2. Configure and specify the Printer parameters,
    • The drop size used by the printer heads.
    • Which inks are used.
    • Which color combinations and resolutions are printed.
    • Set a default rendering engine (RIP).

3. Scheduler

Keeping the Workflow free from redundant or obsolete files ensures a smooth Workflow experience. You can activate or deactivate the Scheduler as needed.

4. System Settings

Finally, we must establish and configure the basic system settings. To do this, carry out the following steps:

  1. Define the basic Settings.
  2. Load the necessary Color Libraries and configure standardised names for Punching/Cutting tasks under Spot Colors.
  3. Establish and control User Rights/Rolls for the Workflow under Administration > Users.
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