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3.3 Choosing a default Measurement Device


Administration > Measurement Devices

Availability: All Versions

Learn more in this article,

  • How to select a default/preferred Measurement Device
  • How to select a default/preferred Parameter Set for your Measurement Device

1. Choose your default Measurement Device and Parameter Set

Before selecting a Measurement Device please carefully consider (a) which device you use most frequently and (b) which measurement method you use the most. Switching between Measurement Devices is a simple process but we urge the user to carefully choose a preferred Measurement Device to provide consistent profiling results.

To select a preferred/default Measurement Device and/or the default/preferred Parameter Set, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Administration > Measurement Devices in Workflow.
  2. Select the desired Measurement Device under the Devices [1] panel and click Set as Default [5] in the footer of the panel. You have now selected the default/preferred Measurement Device, indicated by the Default [3] icon under the Devices panel.
  3. If you select a Measurement Device in the Devices panel, the user will be presented with a list of the available Parameters Sets under the Parameter Sets [2] panel.
  4. Select a default/preferred Parameter Set and click on Set as Default [6] in the footer of the Parameter Sets panel. As before, the default/preferred Parameter Set is labeled with the Default icon [4].
  5. Setting a default Parameter Set is required for all active Measurement Devices.

Figure 1: The Measurement Devices menu item displaying the Devices, Parameter Sets and Parameters panels.

Measurement Devices

Default/Preferred Measurement Device and Parameter Set are set automatically

If the user creates a new Measurement Device in the Workflow, the new device is automatically set as default for the Workflow including Parameter Sets.

When ever a Spot Color is profiled or measured, your default Measurement Device is automatically engaged with the appropriate Parameter Sets. You can also edit the Parameters to perfectly match your desired measuring method. More information on this topic can be found here.

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