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The Workflow offers various types of Grommet Marks. Each Grommet can be adapted to production requirements as needed. We'll learn more in this article:

  • Which parameters are available for Grommets.
  • Which individual parameter selections can be made.

Once you have decided on a Mark type for your Grommet, the selected Mark is created using the default values and parameters for that Mark. You can access all parameters available for the respective Mark and make necessary adjustments as needed.

The following example is based on the Sphere Mark. Note that depending on which type of Grommet Mark you have chosen, the full range of parameters and settings may not be available.

Figure 1: The Sphere Mark was chosen here which displays the corresponding settings and parameters for the Sphere Mark.

Impose Editor

The following parameters are available for Grommet Marks:

  • Type [1]: Depending on the selected type: by distance or by number, the position for the Grommets are calculated.
    • By distance: If this type is selected, the maximum allowed distance between the Grommets (calculated from the center of the Grommet Mark) can be entered in the input fields Max. horizontal and Max. vertical [2].
    • By number: If this type is selected, the number of Grommets can be entered in the input fields No. horizontal and No. vertical.
  • Offset [3]: Grommets are always applied in relation to the ImageBox. If a Grommet needs to be applied in the Bleed, you can use the Offset with a minus value to accomplish this.
  • Reference Point [10]: Grommets can be set to selected reference points (edges). There are four edges: top, left, right and bottom.
  • Width and Height [5]: The size of Grommets can be determined by entering a width and height. For the Grommet Marks: Crosshair and Sphere, the line weight [4] also determines the size.
  • Color: Grommets can be created using any color value. The user can define the color of the area [8] (only available for Crosshair and Sphere) or the Stroke [7] separately. The following options are available when selecting the color:
    • CMYK Color Values – The color value is entered using CMYK values.
    • Spot Color Values – The color value is determined by selecting a System-wide Spot Color in the Workflow.
    • SVG Values – The color value is determined using the color value defined in an SVG file.
    • None – No color value is applied to the Grommet.
  • Overprinting [6]: Use this setting to determine whether the Grommet should be overprinted or omitted in relation to the background.
  • Add White Background [9]: If an unprinted area is created around the Grommet, this can be illustrated by selecting the option. You can determine how the size of the unprinted area using the input field below the Add White Background checkbox.
  • Rotate with Print Item [3]: This option should be activated by default. The Grommets defined on the upper edge will then always remain on the upper edge of the Print Item, even when rotating items in a Nesting, for example.