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5.4 Print Items

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Production Job > Print Item

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A Production Job is comprised of one or more print items. We can describe a Print Item as a print document which consists of one or more pages of the same size.

A Print Item is processed on two different levels:

  1. Job-relevant information is process and carried out
  2. Editing and print data correction can be carried out

Select the Print Item to be edited, and then go to Edit > Edit Print Item (document name) [1] on the menu:

Figure 1: The Edit Print Item drop-down

Production Job - Print Item overview

Figure 2: The Edit Print Item [2] appears, which, except for the upload function, corresponds to the Print Item tab under the Production Job tab:

Edit Print Item

Enter your desired changes and click on Save to update the Print Item.

You will find the various tabs which allow the user to view and correct the Print Item, under the Print Item tab [3]: Select the Print Item to be processed [4] and then carry out your required processes under the Print Data, Data Preparation, Variable Data, Before/After, Additional Data, Statistics and Protocol tabs [5] displayed below.

Figure 3: Under the Print Item tab, the Print Data view of a Print Item

Print Item tab overview

2. Multiple Print Items in one Production Job

A Production Job can contain several Print Items.

Print Item management is located in the header area of the Print Item tab:

  • Each Print Item contains a preview image [6]
  • Below the preview, we can see the current Status [7] (Created, Normalized, Final Artwork, Wait for Approval, Approved, Imposed, Sent to Printer, Printed, Quantity Reached) of each Print Item.
  • Checkboxes for selecting Print Items [8] (multiple selections are possible by holding down the SHIFT key)
  • Information on the total number of Print Items in the Production Job and the number of Print Items selected [9].
  • When more than 5 Print Items exist in the Production Job, the arrow buttons backward [10] and forward [11] can be used to view the Print Items.
  • The Select All button, for activating/selecting all Print Items [12]
  • The Deselect All button to deactivate all Print Items [13]
  • Adjust Current Dimensions button [14]: This button acts as a bulk action process for multiple Print Items. For example, if the expected dimensions of the print items does not match the dimension stored in the file, the "Adjust Current Dimensions" function is available.


Figure 4: The preview of multiple Print Items

Print Item details

2.1. Add a Print Item

You can add additional Print Items to a Production Job by clicking on +New > New Print Item in the menu.

Figure 5: The Add Print Item dialog [15]

Add Print Item

2.2. Deleting a Print Item

The selected Print Item(s) can be deleted from the Workflow in the header under Delete > Delete Print Item (design names).

The user must confirm the deletion by clicking on OK.

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