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3.1 General Overview

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Article > Article List

Availability: Small, Medium und Large

Using an Article-based Workflow

Articles enable maximum flexibility and efficiency in production, while conserving resources and minimizing administrative effort. In addition to freely definable structures for storing print data, Articles can also be pre-defined for certain output parameters such as the Substrate to be used. This chapter outlines functions available in the Workflow when using Articles.

Article Basics

Figure 1: To work with Articles, select Articles > Article List [1] from the menu.

Articles enable you:

  • A simplified upload process and check-in of Print Data
  • A flexible solution for organizing Print Data: Data has a clear and understandable hierarchy
  • Have non-technical employees (such as Sales and Distribution) carry out basic transactions
  • Avoiding data storage and network connection problems when using a Web2Print portal

These functions are not available in the basic license version of the Workflow. In order to work with Articles you will require a license version of Small or higher.

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