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5.6 Creating an Imposition

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Production Job > Impose tab

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Before outputting, you can assemble the Print Items from a Production Job to optimise space in three different Imposition Modes. The following information will get you started with Imposing your Production Jobs.

1. Create an Imposition

Select one of the three Imposition Modes:

Manual [2]

Step & Repeat [3]

Nesting [4]

1.1. Manual Mode

Select Manual [2] to create customised Imposition.

In this mode you can position, scale and rotate a single Print Item or several Items on a Sheet.

Manual Mode, for example, can be used to create test prints, to print a cropped section of a large subject or to arrange a Print Item with precision on the substrate.

Figure 2: Manual Mode [5] when opened for the first time will start with a blank Artboard.

A more detailed explanation of Manual Mode can be found here.

1.2. Step & Repeat Mode

Select Step & Repeat [3] to create rule-based layouts/Impositions

Figure 3: The Step & Repeat mode [6] always opens with the default template selected.

A detailed explanation of Step & Repeat Mode can be found here.

1.3. Nesting Mode

Select Nesting [4] to create a rule-based assembly.

Figure 4: Nesting Mode [7] automatically opens with a default template selected.

For more detailed information concerning Nesting Mode click here.

2. Editing the Imposition

Figure 5: If an Imposition exists the Impose Tab when clicked will show detailed information regarding the Imposition and contains three sub-panels:

Current Impose Preview [8]

Details [9]

Overview [10]

The Open Impose Editor button [11] opens the Imposer and shows you the last version of the Saved Imposition. If desired, make your changes and save the Impose again. The preview, details and overview are updated.

3. Download Imposition

The Imposition be downloaded from the Workflow in the form of a PDF file using the Download Imposition [12] button.

Figure 6: the Download Imposition dialog

The user has three options available:

  • Print Item & Technical Colors
  • Print Item Only
  • Selected Technical Colors Only

Click on Download, the PDF file will start downloading immediately.

4. Delete Impose Spec

An existing Imposition can be deleted using the Delete Existing Impose Specification [13] button.

The user must confirm that the Imposition should be deleted.

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