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1.3 Order based Workflow

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The "classic workflow" is implemented in our system on an "Order-based" basis. The Print Data is only created and uploaded in the Workflow after the Order has been created, by entering all information including the customer, production dates and other relevant information describing the order, has been entered. Only then can the Order be Preflighted, corrected and output.

1. Order Information

An Order includes all relevant data for the production of the desired Print Items.

the Workflow determines:

  • Metadata
  • Print Data
  • if there are any additional files

When an Order is created, all required information must be entered. For example, it is not possible to create an Order without first entering complete Customer information.


2. Upload

An Order can be created the following ways:

3. Working with Orders

Refer to the Orders chapter for a detailed description on how to do this.

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