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2.6 Additional Data

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Order List > Order > Additional Data

Order List > Order > Additional Files

Production Job List > Production Job > Files

Production Job List > Production Job > Additional Files

Article List > Additional Data *

Availability: with Basic License,*Articles with Workflow-License Small

The Workflow offers several ways in which you can add extra documents to existing Orders, Production Jobs or Articles.

You can add virtually any type of information/document that you want to manage on the Workflow server together with print data.

Attention: Additional files are available for all users on the server, and can only be stored and not be printed.

The following section refers to the Additional Data tab available under Articles. The Additional Data tab occurs through out the Workflow in similar forms and functions the same way.

Figure 1: The Additional Data tab [1] under the menu item Articles [2]

1. User specific Files

All additional documents can be uploaded via the Add Files drop-zone [3]. Simply drag the desired document(s) to this area to start the upload. Alternatively, you can click on the Add Files area to open the file selection dialog to locate and upload the desired document(s).

After the upload has been completed, the list is updated and displays the uploaded documents [4].

You can view the documents via the download links [5] for each list element.

Figure 2: Additional files uploaded by the user

When lists contain many entries you can use the Search [6] and Filter functions [7] of the Filter Bar, which are described in detail in previous articles.

You can select the fields to be displayed, the sequence in which they are displayed and how they are sorted by changing the values in the check list located in the header [8].

2. System Files

In addition to print data and additional files you've uploaded, the Workflow automatically generates additional files which are necessary for production - as well as for displaying print previews in the browser. You can see these documents if you activate the checkbox Show System Files [9] in the filter bar.

Figure 3: Additional files automatically generated by the Workflow

In this example, the Workflow shows (a) the original print data [10] and (b) various files generated by the system, such as reports, thumbnails, etc. Each document can be downloaded via the download icon [12].

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