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2.1 Login to the Workflow


Every program has it's unique characteristics. the names, handling of tools and the user interface needs to be familiar to the user. In this chapter, we'll take our first look at the Workflow and learn about:

  • How to Log in to the Workflow
  • How to Navigate within the Workflow 
  • Where to find essential Tools
  • Which Editors are available to you
  • How different Menus and Menu-actions are structured

1. Logging in to the Workflow

The browser-based user interface is the interface between the user and the server-based data processing system. Although we have kept, as far as possible, to operating system and web browser conventions in the operation of web applications, you will encounter other powerful extensions of well-known interaction possibilities from other graphics programs in the user interface. Even experienced users should at least get an overview, we promise a couple of surprises.

Interaction with the Workflow is available exclusively via a web browser.

2. Log In screen

To use the Workflow, you need to launch the browser, open a new window/tab and open the following URL:


Once you have connected to the Workflow, you will see the login window first.

Choosing the browser

Find out more about the browser you should use in the System Requirements section.

Accessing the system

The URL (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) used to access the Workflow is determined when the Workflow is installed. You will receive the URL from your administrator.

3. Login Window

After entering the URL, the login window is displayed, where you are prompted to enter your Username [1] and Password [2]. Clicking on the Log in [3] button will take you directly to the start page of the Workflow.

Figure 1: The log in dialog used to access the Workflow.

Log In screen

In addition to logging in, the Log In dialog offers the following functions and information:

  • The Version Number [6] and type of License [5] is displayed.
  • A warning message [4] will alert you when the license expires or that the license is not bound to the hardware.
  • The possibility to import a new License is available via the License Information link [8].
  • A list of all users currently logged in to the Workflow can be displayed using Logged in Users [7].

Information on logging in and out

For more information on logging in and out or how to delete an incorrectly logged out session, see the User Management section of the User- and System Settings article.

Article Update: Version 1.11.1 01/2022

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