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The Workflow provides the option to add Marks which represent Grommets on specific edges of Print Items. In this article we'll learn:

  • how we define Grommets
  • How to add and delete Grommets in the Impose Editor.

1. Background Information

When you prepare Print Items in the Impose Editor, you can add Grommets to specific edges based on your production or finishing requirements. Grommet marks are printed so that the correct position for the Grommets can be determine when finishing the product.

Grommets are available in all Impose Modes. In the Impose Editor, you will find all available options under the Grommets [2] sub panel of the Markers tab [1].

For general information on the Impose Editor, the user interface and the individual Impose Modes, please refer to the following articles:

Figure 1: The Impose Editor with the Markers tab and applied Grommets (Spheres).

Applying Grommets is an easy and flexible process. The following options for Grommets are available concerning the types of Marks.

  • Multiple use: The same Mark for Grommets can be used several times in an imposition. It goes without saying that different Marks can also be applied in a single imposition.
  • Types of Marks: There are various Marks available which represent the position of the Grommet. The following Marks are available by default.
    • Cross
    • Crosshair
    • Sphere

Figure 2: The available Marks for Grommets.

  • Position: Grommets are always set in relation to the ImageBox. If a Grommet should be applied in the Bleed, this can be accomplished by entering a minus offset value.
  • Reference Point: Grommets can be applied to multiple reference points ( referred to as edges). Four edges are available: top, left, right and bottom.
  • Variable Sizes: The size of Grommets can be changed as needed.
  • Flexible Color Options: Grommets can be displayed and printed in any color. You can determine separate colors for both the surface and the contour color (only available for Crosshair and Sphere). The following options are available when defining the color:
    • CMYK Color Values – The color value can be defined by entering CMYK values.
    • Spot Colors – The color value can be defined by selecting a System-wide Spot Color from the Workflow.
    • SVG Color Values – The color value can be defined by the color value defined in an SVG file.
    • None – You can also specifically define no color value for the Grommet as well.
  • Weight: The line weight (thickness) can be defined for all Grommets.
  • Flexible Spacing: Depending on the selected type (by distance or by number) the position for the Grommets are calculated.

2. Adding and deleting Grommets

Adding Grommets is done exclusively via the Impose Editor or by selecting an Impose Template in either Force Print or a Hotfolder.

In the Impose Editor, Grommets can only be added, edited or deleted under the Grommets [4] sub-panel of the Markers [3] tab.

Figure 3: The Markers tab of the Impose Editor.

Impose Editor

2.1. Add Grommets

To add a Grommet, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the Markers tab [5].
  2. Select the drop-down menu Grommets [6] in the Grommets sub-panel, where you can select the desired Grommet Marker type.

Figure 4: Selecting a Grommet in the drop-down menu of the Grommets sub-panel.

Impose Editor
  1. Select your desired Grommet, which will now use the default Grommet settings.
  2. If you want to add another Grommet, repeat the last step.
  3. The attributes for the Grommet concerning the positioning of the Grommet can be set in the drop-down area for each Grommet chosen. We describe the Grommet parameters in more detail in this article: Available Parameters.

Changing the type of Grommet afterwards

You cannot change the type of Grommet afterwards, because you have chosen a specific Mark type when you created the Grommet. However, if you want to use a different Grommet, simply delete the existing Grommet and add a new Grommet with the desired Mark type.

2.2. Deleting Grommets

If you want to delete a Grommet, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Markers tab [5] (figure 4).
  2. In the Grommets sub-panel [7] the currently applied Grommets are displayed with corresponding parameters for each Grommet.
  3. You can delete the Grommet by clicking on the close symbol (x) [8].

Figure 6: The Grommets sub-panel showing that the Sphere Mark type was chosen and the corresponding parameters available with the Sphere Mark.

Impose Editor

Accidentally deleted a Grommet?

Once you have deleted a Grommet, you cannot undo it by using the Undo command. You will have to add the Grommet again using the desired settings.