Choose your display language

The Workflow is a multilingual software solution and can be operated by any user in the language of their choice.

In this article we'll cover

  • Which languages are available
  • Where you can select the language  
  • Special considerations when using different languages

Selecting the default language

During installation, the default language settings of your Windows installation will be the default language used for the Workflow user interface. The default language setting is assigned for each Workflow user.

1. Available Languages

The Workflow has a variety of languages at your disposal. The user can change the language of the interface at any time within the Workflow. The available languages are listed below:

  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Czech
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Missing translations

If translations happen to be missing, i.e. for field labels, menus and explanatory texts in a dialog, translations will be automatically displayed by default in English.

If you change the language while working within the Workflow, elements in the user interface, i.e. drop-down menus – may not automatically load with the selected language, since they were translated according to the selected language when loading the page in the browser.

We recommend that you always press the F5 (Mac OS + WIN) or CMD+R (Mac OS) key after changing the language. This refreshes the browser window and will display the desired language correctly.

2. Selecting your language

To select your desired user interface language, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the language indicator (EN/US) in the upper right corner of the action bar [1].
  2. Select the desired language from the menu [2].
Selecting the Language

The user interface switches to the desired language. If individual terms are not immediately displayed in the selected language, you can execute a reload/refresh of the page in the browser.

The most recent language selected/applied by the user will be displayed each time the user logs in to the same workstation.

Not in my language?

Note that the selected language is stored locally in the browser cache in the form of cookies. Therefore, only the selected language is used when logging in to the same workstation with the same browser.

If a user logs in to the system with a different workstation or with a different browser, the Workflow will adopt the default language settings of the browser and/or the workstation.