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Availability: All Workflow Plus versions; Workflow Prepress; Workflow Print (partial)

Learn more in this article,

  • Why Fixups are offered under the Print Data tab
  • How to locate Fixups in the Print Data tab
  • Which groups of Fixups are available under the Print Data tab

1. Overview

Print Items in the Workflow can be edited using Fixups. Each application of a Fixup creates a new version of the Print Item. Fixups can be applied up in two different places:

  • Under the menu items Article, Order and Production Job, the most frequently used Fixups are offered under the Print Data tab.
  • Under the Data Correction tab, well over 100 Fixups are available in the Workflow, including those already displayed in the Print Data tab. On one hand, the number of Fixups can grow in the standard scope, but it can also be expanded with your own Custom Fixups.

Fixups can be found individually in the form of single icons [1] and are also grouped together [2] under drop-down menus in the footers of their respective panels. If Fixups or groups of Fixups are grayed out, then the Fixup cannot be applied either because of missing content (e.g. if no fonts appear in the print file, fonts cannot be converted into paths) or because the required License is missing.

Figure 1: Access to Fixups in the Print Data tab using the Document Information and User-defined Fields as an example.

Fixups - Process Colors - 1.7.3

2. Fixup Groups

The Fixups available in the Workflow are divided into nine groups available under the Print Data tab, which can be identified by an arrow pointing downwards in the icon. These groups are named as follows:

  • Edit Page Geometry [3] – Fixups for changing the Page Geometry (TrimBox, BleedBox, etc.) or for scaling and masking Print Items.
  • Add bleed [4] – Fixups for adding or adjusting a missing Bleed
  • Rotate and Mirror [5] – Fixups to rotate or mirror the Print Item
  • Manage Layers [6] – Fixups to flatten, hide, show or delete existing layers
  • Black Handling [7] Fixups pertaining to the appearance of black
  • Tone Value Corrections [8] – Fixups to brighten or darken the appearance of the subject by means of tonal values
  • Spot Color Tools [9] – Fixups for deleting, renaming, and setting the overprint status of Spot Colors
  • Add White or Varnish [10] – Fixups to create a White channel for certain areas
  • Spot Color Tools [11] Fixups to assign Spot Colors for DieLines, change the Overprint status of a Spot Color, etc

All other symbols represent individual Fixups, i.e. there are no pop-up menus with further Fixups.

Figure 2: Groups of Fixups under the Print Data tab

Fixup examples - 1.7.3

In the following articles, the Fixups including their areas of application are examined in more detail. It should be pointed out once again that all Fixups offered in the Print Data tab are also available under the Data Preparation tab.