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Installing the Workflow

In this article we'll learn:

  • Which software components are installed with the Workflow
  • How to perform the installation

1. Installed software components

The Workflow installer is executed on the RIP-workstation and installs the following software components:

  • PMS – Front- and Backend of the Workflow
  • ZuniComm – Backend for controlling different SDKs
  • Harlequin Host Renderer – Ripping software from Global Graphics
  • pdfToolbox – pdfToolbox SDK integration from callas
  • callas pdfChip – SDK for generating PDF files from HTML from callas
  • CrossXColor – profiling functionality SDK from ColorLogic
  • required runtime environments – (e.g. Java, .net, VisualC)
  • PostGreSql Database

2. Installing the Workflow

Like most Windows programs, the Workflow is set up using an installer. You can obtain a current version of the installer from your Service Partner.

To start the installation, perform the following steps:

  1. Load the Installer
  2. Start the installation by running DW_Release_Setup.xx.xx.exe  
  3. Confirm the security prompt (administrator rights are required for the installation) and click Install.
Installing the Workflow
  1. In the subsequent dialogs, the following parameters must be entered:
    • Database Drive: Drive for the PMS database (usually C:\ or the fastest drive available in the system)
    • File Management Drive: For the files the Workflow needs access to (usually D:\ or the drive with the largest available disk space)
    • CPU Core Count: Number of physically present CPU cores (the number shown should be accurate in most cases)
Installing the Workflow - Select Drives
  1. Check the configuration settings and click Yes.
Installing the Workflow - Review settings
  1. The Workflow installation is now complete.
  2. To finish the installation, click Finish.

If the installation was successful, the following directories were created:

Program directory: C:\Program Files\PPD
Database directory: C:\PMS_DATA\PMSDataBase
Data directory: D:\PMS_DATA\FileManagement

2.1. Client access to the Workflow server

After the installation is complete, all Services (PMS, ZuniComm, PostgreSQL) are started. You can access the Workflow using Chrome by entering the following URL:

  1. – URL for accessing the Workflow on the Workflow-Server itself
  2. http://IP-ADDRESS:8081 – URL for accessing the Workflow for all Clients on the network

3. Installing the License

In order to use the Workflow, you must activate your license after the installation. You can find out more in the License Management article.