After the Installation

In this article we will cover:

  • Which settings need to be configured for the Workflow Server
  • How to set up ZuniExtract for Durst Tau printers.

1. Settings on the Workflow Server

1.1. Indexing

To avoid performance issues on the server, we need to make sure no unwanted disk activity is happening. We therefore need to deactivate indexing of the PMS data directory PMS_DATA. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, select the PMS data directory (default is C:\PMS_DATA).
  2. Right-click to open the File Folder Properties.
  3. Click on Advanced [1] under the General tab.
  4. In the opened Advanced Attributes window, deactivate the "Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed..." checkbox [2].

Figure 1: Below we see the Properties dialog for the selected directory PMS_DATA as well as the Advanced Attributes dialog

Properties dialog for the PMS_Data Folder

1.2. Creating exceptions in the Virus Scanner

To prevent performance issues with the Workflow workstation, specific directories that are used by the Workflow should be excluded from being scanned by the virus scanner. Deactivate the following directories in the virus scanner:

  • D:\PMS_DATA\Log
  • D:\PMS_DATA\FileManagement
  • D\PMS_DATA\ZuniComm

If necessary, the PMS program directory (by default C:\Program Files\PPD) should also be excluded. This should be done particularly when your virus scanner recognises Zunicomm.exe as an "uncertified program".

If you have not created the previously mentioned directories on D:, you must of course exclude the corresponding paths in the virus scanner based on the appropriate path for your workstation / server configuration.

2. ZuniExtract for Durst Tau Printers

2.1. General Information

ZuniExtract is only necessary when you are connecting a Durst Tau series Printer!

ZuniExtract is installed on the Durst workstation and is responsible for the transfer of important information from the Tau Printer to the Workflow including:

  • defined Substrates
  • defined Substrate Categories
  • All statistical data that is generated when printing a job, such as print duration, Substrate Consumption, Ink Consumption, number of printed repeats, and so on.
  • Status pertaining to whether a printing job is finished or not.

2.2. Installing ZuniExtract

The ZuniExtract installer assumes that the Tau printer software is already installed on the Durst printer workstation and that the server (Workflow) has been installed and started.

2.2.1. Start the installation

Proceed as follows:

  1. Load the installer "ZE_Release_Setup.xx.xx.exe".
  2. Run the installer (you must have administrator rights)
  3. Confirm the security prompt and click Install.

2.2.2. Configure ZuniExtract

The following parameters must be set:

  • Printer Name [3]: Name of the printer. A printer with this name will be created in the Workflow.
  • Printer Serial [4]: Serial number of the printer. ATTENTION: Changing the serial number after installation is forbidden!
  • Printer DB Path [5]: Path to the Tau database
  • PMS IP Address [6]: IP Address of the Workflow

Figure 2: ZuniExtract configuration dialog

ZuniExtract Install Screen

2.2.3. Checking and confirming the configuration settings

Figure 3: configuration confirmation dialog

ZuniExtract confirmation

2.3. Verifying the installation

To verify the installation, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome on the Workflow-Server, type in the following address: and log into the Workflow.
  2. Go to Administration > File Management. The imported network shares for the Tau [7] should be visible:

Figure 4: The File Management area in the Workflow with an activated host for the created Tau Printer

File Management for Tau
  1. In the Workflow click on Administration > Printer. The new printer should be visible in the list [8].

Figure 5: Below the list of printers under Administration > Printers

The Tau Printer in the Available Printer List
  1. Verify the printer settings: To do this, select the printer under Administration > Printers and click on Edit in the pull-down menu. The following settings can be confirmed:
  • Printer IP address: Check whether the Printer IP Address [9] has been correctly adopted.
  • Standard Hotfolder: The standard Hotfolder (the directory where processed data should be transferred automatically) must be entered correctly [10].

Figure 6: The Edit Printer dialog

Tau Edit Printer dialog
  1. Verify directories for Variable Data Printing: (only required for Workflows with a VDP license)
  • Open Administration > Printer and select the printer.
  • Under the Color Configuration area, select Cyan
  • Click Edit from the drop-down menu and the following dialog will appear [11]

Figure 7: Color Configuration dialog for the selected Process Color Cyan

Edit Color Configuration dialog for a TAU Printer
  • If the settings for Cyan match the reference above, repeat the previous steps for each Process Color of the printer.

2.4. Watchdog for ZuniExtract

Since ZuniExtract is installed on another computer system and the Workflow has to rely on the application to transfer data, a watchdog is available in the Workflow that checks the availability of ZuniExtract from time to time [12].

Figure 8: If ZuniExtract is not available, you will see a red warning symbol under the System Status > Info area in the action bar:

System Status for ZuniExtract