Backup and Recovery

To restore the Workflow quickly and reliably in the event of a system failure, creating consistent system backups is highly recommended.
Let's take a look at what is covered in this article:

  • Which file directories should be included in the backup
  • Which services you need to stop during the backup
  • How to restore the Workflow

1. Backup

A Workflow host backup must be implemented under all circumstances, otherwise in the event of a problem/failure, recovery is impossible. It is essential that you discuss the backup strategy with the IT department and clarify all precautionary measures.

The following directories must be included in the backup:

  • PMS data directory (default C:\PMS_DATA)
  • PMS program directory (default C:\Program Files\PPD)

If you have created user-defined directories other than the PMS_DATA directories for monitored hotfolders, image storage, variable production jobs, etc. these folders must also be included in your strategy.

During the backup, the PMS and PPD-PostGreSQL services must be stopped.

This can be done with the following commands in the Windows Command console:

  • net stop zunicomm
  • net stop pms
  • net stop ppd-postgresql

2. Recovery

In essence restoring is equivalent of a new installation which includes the restoration of specific directories from the last completed backup.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Run the setup routine – see Installing the Workflow. Preferably the same version should be used, which was used when performing the backup.
    Under no circumstances may an older version be installed!
  2. After the installation the services PMS, ZuniComm and PPD-PostgreSQL must be stopped (see warning above).
  3. We recommend deleting all files from the following directories before restoring:
    • PMS data directory (default C:\PMS_DATA)
    • If a newer version of the Workflow has been installed, you must also delete the PPD program directory (by default C:\Program Files\PPD) before the next step and replace it with the file directory from the backup.
  4. Recover the backed up directories to their original locations.
  5. Restart the following services: ZuniComm, PMS and PPD-PostgreSQL, and the system is ready for use again.
    • net start zunicomm
    • net start pms
    • net start ppd-postgresql

If the system is installed on new hardware, a new license must be requested!
Please contact your Service Partner for further details.